Dual Antenna FM Diversity Receiver
The FM 17/24DR are rugged two antenna “true diversity receivers” intended for demanding long rang, high mobility, wireless video applications without link breakup.
Hand Held, Tactical Receiver
The Tactical VR is a truly portable, easy to use, hand held receiver with a 7” full color monitor. Using the latest digital COFDM transmission techniques the Tactical VR features dual channel diversity reception to dive exceptional performance in the most challenging conditions.
V-Lock Mult-Antenna diversity Auto Tracking Receiver
Using the latest Digital COFDM modulation techniques, robust, low latency JPEG20001 compression and now available in 4/6/or 8 high gain antenna models. the V-Lock ATS-2 typically achieves 35 to 50+ mile reception without moving parts or the need for GPS directional instructions.
V-Lock Dual Diversity Receiver
Using the latest in COFDM modulation techniques, V-Lock dual diversity receiver delivers high quality, low latency video images in conditions where traditional analog methods fail.
The DTX Plus Series is ideal for any system design where high performance RF specifications, fast TX/RX attack times, and compact size are a requirement.

Receiver Kits

EFI produces a wide variety of standard receiver kits. These are standards used by many of our customers. Each was developed for a particular application or at a customers’ request, then found applicable to many other customers. Over the years we have built and delivered hundreds of different configurations of kits.
However, if the small sampling of the equipment kits shown does not exactly fit your application, please contact us directly. We will supply the applicable components in similar configurations in very short order. Typically the longest lead time component of any kit is the microwave receiver which can take as few as six weeks for delivery.

This kit contains a 16 channel video microwave receiver with a sensitivity of -82 db and 2 audio sub-carrier channels. An two direct video output are provided for video recording & larger video monitoring.
This new Video microwave receiver/recorder was designed to offer a small video receiver/recorder package with all the power of the large units. Hi-8 recorder, command and control for PTZ cameras and 6.4 inch monitor.
This kit contains an 16 channel video microwave receiver with a sensitivity of a -80dbm and has two audio sub-carrier channels. TheKSR-1020 video/audio recorder is included.
Transportable Quick Deployment Receiver Kit
Custom made at the request of the R.C.M.P. Air Support not only for law enforcement, but SAR and forest fire support, the R.C.M.P. must often operate in areas with little or no infrastructure. This downlink unit is carried in the A/C and deployed within minutes of arriving at the command post of such an event.

 All receiver kits include auxiliary video/audio outputs for large screen viewing or internet hook up. Kit can be supplied with direct video/audio inputs for local recording, (without the need for a microwave feed) and for testing of cameras and microphones prior to installation in the feild.