EFI, in conjunction with Covert Systems, has delivered scores of body-worn video microwave systems in the last 15 years. Some individual links and some as wide ranging multiple transmitters covering the size of a small town simultaneously. Check this one out.

Project: Provide eight each covert body worn video microwave systems for surveillance of the entry points to Tiananmen Square, Beijing, China. (See body worn kit under our “Transmitters” category)

During the many years and projects completed by EFI some stand out as just plain fun to have been a part. Here are a few.

Project: Sydney Olympics.

The Olympic Games is an extravaganza no single company or contractor can handle alone. With hundreds of containers of equipment, thousands of diversely qualified and experienced personnel, a logistics nightmare of Biblical proportion and of course….the political realities of dealing with hundreds of countries egos, economic realities, languages and communications. It is one heck of a complicated dance.


EFI makes a wide variety of drop and/or “lick and stick” cameras. From fully self-contained, solar powered pole cams to easy tripod drop cams. Long lens or covert pinhole cameras, with embedded recorders, point to point microwave links, IP interfaces. Fixed view and remote controlled pan/tilt and zoom systems. When required, we supply extreme low light, IR illuminated, laser illuminated and/or thermal cameras.

Project: Situation awareness for the mobile EOC, Lafayette LA.


In the last 10 years EFI has been involved in more than 40 downlink projects. Some as prime contractor and component supplier and others (like the Sydney Olympics (See Sydney Olympics Under “Fun Projects”)) in a support and operations function.

Project: Lee County was the first Digital COFDM by EFI in 2005.


EFI offers a wide service program of Systems Design, Engineering, Site Survey, Installation, Field Service products and on-call personnel.

Project: Upgrade the ENG/OB vans and receive sites across the U.S. with digital COFDM HD capable video microwave systems to adhere to the new FCC spectrum restrictions.