Drop Cameras

Lafayette E.O.C. Mobile Command Post

Project: Provide the Lafayette, L.A. EOC with Long range stabilized cameras on their Emergency Mobile command post and wireless “drop cameras” for remote surveillance from the vehicle. (See “Drop Cameras” under our Peripherals category)

Application: The Mobile command post required two long lens cameras on the mast top. (56’ high) Due to the restricted stow space in the bus it required low profile PTZ pedestals and the compact packaging of a very large lens. Because of the height of the mast, the top would sway dramatically in any breeze or even with personnel moving in the bus. High quality electronic stabilization was added to the video to allow a picture able to identify license plates and recognize personnel at over a mile. In addition two drop cameras were deployed to allow remote viewing in the bus for event monitoring and control. The cameras were provided with graphite composite tripods, 7 hour operation rechargeable power packs, (see battery power packs under Peripherals) RS-485 remote control, medium range zoom lenses and heavy duty carrying cases.