Video Microwave Downlinks

Video Microwave Downlinks



Project: Lee County FL. E.O.C.; To provide real time video from the air support vehicles covering police personnel assistance, SAR, and urban/ forest fire support and situational awareness.

Application: The Lee County specification was to provide video downlinks to the Emergency Operations Center and to event mobile command from the fleet of helicopters and fixed wing aircraft in their air support wing. Required distance was a 50 mile radius with the aircraft at 500 feet above ground level.

It was determine that although the topography in Lee County was very flat, it was populated with 100 foot trees throughout and as the receiving tracker could not be located any higher than 200 feet on the tower, it would not be feasible to meet the specification. (Fresnel Zone effect was very prominent) The aircraft was able to attain good video at 50 miles, but it had to fly at 3000 feet AGL past the 35-40 mile range.

Initial equipment list:

  1. 1 ea.10W TX and antenna on fixed wing.
  2. 1 ea. 10W TX on transportable antenna actuator, to be swapped on two helicopters depending on their status.
  3. 1 ea. Tower mounted 7 antenna diversity RX mounted on the E.O.C. tower
  4. 2 ea. Transportable 2 antenna diversity RX to be available for impromptu mobile command post and watch commanders.

Additional equipment provided in the following months:

1. 4 ea. Digital receivers mounted in Lee county EOC mobile command post, Lee county fire department mobile command post, Cape Coral police mobile command post and Cape Coral fire mobile command post.






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