EFI is proud to be associated with the following companies. If you need more information on any of the associates, please contact us and we will have one of their representatives get in touch with you directly.


API Technologies Corp. is a prime contractor in engineered systems, components and secure communications to the global defense and aerospace industry. The company is engaged in providing innovative design, engineering and manufacturing solutions to our diverse set of customers, which include the governments of the U.S., Canada, the United Kingdom, NATO and the European Union, as well as many of the leading Fortune 500 companies.

Capabilities span: highly-engineered custom and off-the-shelf systems, synthesizers, RF and microwave, custom hybrids, MIL-STD-1553 Data Bus, magnetics, power controllers, power supplies, discrete semiconductors, multi-chip modules, filters, transformers, PCB and SMT.

API product brands include: National Hybrid, API Electronics, Filtran, Keytronics, Sensonics, TM Systems, Islip Transformer, ION Networks, EMCON, SST, Cryptek and API Systems, and API Defense. 


Covert Systems LLC (formerly Ross Associates) is a manufacturer’s representative, and systems integrator providing custom solutions and COTS products to law enforcement and the military for 40+ years. We offer a wide range of surveillance products, engineering experience, rapid response, and a team to satisfy our customer’s needs.

Covert Systems supplies audio/video equipment from covert body wires, wireless microphones, (analog VHF to digital UHF up to high C band microwave), hidden whisper microphones to the latest digital audio recording and transcription equipment and electronic countermeasures equipment. Video surveillance specialist with the most sophisticated interrogation room systems to covert body worn cameras, remote controlled cameras (wireless and wired), portable microwave receiver and recording kits, both fixed and mobile, digital and analog video downlink systems for manned law enforcement aircraft and UAVs.

Our representatives are spread though out the U.S. and the world. Our customer base spans from Beijing, China to Kosovo, from Canada to Brazil to Nigeria.


Vanguard Defense Industries, LLC is committed to the successful development and deployment of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) in support of the military, local, state and federal law enforcement as well as the private sector in addition to providing a full scope of security consulting services independent of our aerial technology.

VDI is staffed by professionals that have taken advanced UAS concepts into reality. The Vanguard team draws on specialized experience of senior aerospace engineers, former military special operations officers, military instructor pilots as well as retired Senior Executive Service Federal Agents. We understand and are fully committed to the protection of our war fighters and law enforcement professional and remain focused on furthering their capabilities by fielding a superior product. Our background and operational knowledge has afforded us the unique vision to provide a platform that will extend U.S. national security abilities through the year 2025 and beyond.